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We will make sure that the PPC helps you grow as efficiently as possible by combining the right strategy with expert execution. With the experience of managing accounts in Switzerland and abroad, you can be sure that we know how to do it.

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We know these channels like our pocket and, with this knowledge, we will develop your strategy by optimizing it for effective growth.

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The beginning of our collaboration

Putting in place the right strategy puts us on the road to success. If you are new to PPC, it is essential to work on this point. Otherwise, we can also help you adjust PPC strategies to improve results. 

Planning and testing

Based on a solid understanding of your target market, we will recommend the channels and targeting options on search networks and paid social networks that are most likely to produce business results. If these are new channels, we always start with trial budgets and then refine the results.


Understanding your competitors and their PPC strategy gives a good indication of the direction your strategy should take, or sometimes, the direction it should not take!


Get your attention!

The best oiled and most optimized advertising campaigns will always get better results if they are creative and attract attention. 

Writing the announcement

If optimizing the quality score is important, it happens that decreasing the click taus can sometimes increase the conversion. This is because you don’t want all clicks, you want users who are more likely to convert.

Ad design

Dynamic or animated ads convert better than static ads. High-quality designs that match your brand are essential to stand out on a congested platform. We can work with you and our design partners to produce exceptional creations.

Design/development of landing pages

The part of the PPC, often overlooked, is the user experience on the website. It is crucial on all platforms, especially with AdWords. Because an outstanding homepage experience is what really turns clicks into conversions. As with creative design, we can work closely with you and our partners to produce landing page experiences that generate business results.

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International and multilingualism


We have customers all over the world and we regularly conduct campaigns in several markets. We know that understanding each market is the key to the success of international PPC campaigns. 


Similarly, we are able to set up and manage campaigns in all Western languages. We can ensure that all texts are carefully translated and localized, and that campaigns are managed as efficiently as any campaign in French.



Proactive management

We opt for proactive management aimed at continuously improving the return on investment through rigorous testing and an effective combination of automation and human input.

Custom reports

Using Google Sheets, Data Studio and Slides, we produce customized reports according to your needs, updated and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In general, we produce weekly reports and monthly presentations, but all this is also customizable.


Understanding where, when, and how your qualified customers or prospects convert is key to improving ROI over time, and we proactively analyze and share the lessons learned from this data. When it comes to leads, we understand the difference between a lead and a qualified lead.

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