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We can help you at every key step in designing and creating a website. Our step-by-step process has been designed to ensure that the project runs smoothly at every point, producing an end result that exceeds design and performance expectations.

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The beginning of our collaboration

A successful website depends on effective planning. That's why we always develop a clear strategy before design allowing you to quickly get a return on investment.

Key areas of our strategy include:

User experience (UX)

A website must have value for its users, which is why UX is so important.

Based on a solid understanding of your target market, we develop the most efficient user journey, starting with an optimized site structure that leads to conversions.


By researching the layout, design, and content of major competitors' websites, we create a purpose-built site that delivers an even better user experience. We make sure that your site is designed to facilitate more effective engagement than your competitors, in order to predict the future growth of your business.


A solid keyword and content search is the basis of our website strategy. By performing effective searches, we ensure that the content and structure of your website allow it to thrive after it launches.


Design and creativity

We work with our clients to create websites that strike the right balance between creative design, brand recognition and functionality – for an end result that is a long-term success.


Based on the brand's content structure and guidelines, we produce custom mock-ups of your website or landing pages, giving you the last word before development.


No two companies are the same, nor should their websites be. We want to design the most effective website for you and your business. That's why all our websites are tailor-made, with a creative track adapted to the needs of each brand.

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Web development

We go beyond the aesthetic aspect. We know what a website needs to succeed in the long run – and that starts with clean, fast and secure code.  

WordPress and Shopify

Our web development services are primarily focused on WordPress and Shopify. We ensure that every website is designed to work on all devices, which helps optimize the user experience and facilitate the growth of your business.

SEO and PPC optimization

We will ensure that your website grows faster in order to achieve more immediate results. By integrating SEO optimizations before the initial launch of the site, we ensure that your site achieves its goals.

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"Forte de son professionnalisme, engagement et de sa créativité, Virginia vous accompagnera dans vos projets en vous proposant ses connaissances pointues et solutions sur mesure le tout dans une atmosphère d’échange et d’écoute. Je la recommande vivement!"

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